DARTBAC prepares the Netherlands for the post-antibiotic era caused by Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR)

Collectively, we possess the entire knowledge-chain for development of new material technologies to combat AMR.
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Numbers and facts

The danger AMR poses for public health

When bacteria become resistant to antibiotics it greatly complicates and lengthens the treatment, dramatically increasing the incidence of further complications or even, ultimately, death.


It is estimated that 1.5 million people die every year as a result of AMR


Within the USA alone 2.1 million people sustained illness due to AMR in 2010

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What is Anti Microbial Resistance?

When the antibiotic dose becomes too low, bacteria can develop resistance to the antibiotic and are no longer susceptible to it.
Infection a major clinical challenge
Infection is the invasion of body tissues by disease-causing microorganisms, their multiplication, and the reaction of host tissues to the infectious microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites).
The problem worsens even further
Microorganisms acquire antibiotic resistance due to chromosomal DNA mutations and horizontal transfer of genetic material.
Bacteria become resistant to antibiotics
They become so-called superbugs
Infections become more dangerous and in some cases even lethal
More explainations in the WHO video’s
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Project aims

What are our project goals?

DARTBAC will, from a material perspective, develop new antimicrobial technologies that are not based on antibiotics to target infection prevention.
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Create societal AMR awareness

Develop new antimicrobial technologies

Optimize AB efficacy with combination therapy

Standardize testmodels for faster clinical implementation

Project News

21 April 2023

@NWONieuws @RHDijkgraaf @NWONieuws @RHDijkgraaf dank voor de uitnodiging van onze PI Chris Arts, die vanuit @dartbac was genodigd. De agenda 2023 biedt veel aanknopingspunten in onze strijd tegen #AMR en overgebruik van antibiotica #wetenschapsagenda

21 April 2023

We are #DARTBAC !
Amazing team that works together in close harmony to combat #AMR. Great impact expected to come! @NWONieuws https://t.co/7FtnUIIoWQ

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What can you do to combat AMR?

Take care of optimal hygiene

Be informed when using antibiotics

Ask your doctor for alternatives

Finish your AB prescriptions

Healthcare professionals

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Our partners

An interdisciplinary consortium

9 Academic partners, 10 industry partner, the Dutch Institute for Public Helath and te Environment (RIVM) work together with 4 cooperation partners ReumaNederland health fund, Dutch Orthopaedic Association (NOV), Dutch Knowledge-institute Medical Specialists and webbased AMR platform AMR-Insights to combat AMR. This project received funding from the NWO (NWA-ORC)